The 39th Interuniversity Gliding Competition will be hosted by Surrey University Gliding Club, at Lasham - one of the largest gliding clubs in the world! The competition will officially start on Sunday 23rd July after morning briefing and the last scoring day will be Saturday 29th July. The prize-giving ceremony will be in the evening of the 29th. You are welcome to come and fly on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 30th, but we don’t score these days to allow universities to allow for travel.

The competition is split between three main categories:

  • Progression
  • Soaring
  • Cross Country

This makes sure that everyone can score for their university, no matter if they’ve never flown before or have their 3 Diamonds!

The Airfield [EGHL]

Lasham is one of the largest gliding clubs in the world, situated in the Hampshire countryside. On a clear day you can see the Isle of Wight from flying heights. If you are unfamiliar with the site, please read the airfield safety notes. If you have never flown there before, please read the relevant parts of the airfield manual, paying special attention to the local flying procedures.

Solo pilots (and anyone hoping to go solo), please remember your medical & certificate. All pilots should bring their logbook - ideally with a signature from your CFI to ensure it's an accurate representation of your experience. Any gliders arriving on site must have all relevant paperwork with them.

If you are a solo pilot, you will need the permission of the CFI before you can fly. This may include a site-check by a Lasham instructor.

If you are a visiting instructor, you will likewise need to communicate with the CFI to ensure that you are familiar with the site before commencing instruction.

Latest available METAR for Odiham:

Flying Fees

Lasham is offering a free reciprocal membership for those that are members of other BGA gliding clubs. This also extends to Junior rates: if you are a junior, you will get the same discounts as Lasham members. See here for the full flying cost breakdown and here for the junior discounts.

Please register with the office when you arrive to get your temporary membership.

Camping is available for free outside the clubhouse. There are also some rooms available, please contact Lasham to check availability.
Our Sponsors

We’d like to thank our sponsors for this year for generously providing this year’s prizes. They are: