The rules remain unchanged since last year, with three separate sub-competitions: Cross-Country, Soaring and Progression. We are aiming to make competition open to as many people as possible. For example, ab-initios can get points for taking their first flight in a glider, while more experienced pilots can earn points for soaring. Finally, there are points for XC tasks – for those that really know what they're doing! Full details can be found below.

Above all, we want everyone to enjoy flying, and have a fantastic week!

Note that the scoring of the activities may change as it is currently under review.

Scores for progression are calculated using a simple points-based system. This includes both pre-solo milestones and post-solo badges and certificates. Unchanged from last year, the values for each achievement are listed below.

These can be claimed at the end of the flying day and will need be validated by an organizer before points are awarded.

  • Pre-Solo
    • First Flight
      • First Flight in glider - 100 points
    • Upper Air Exercises
      • Primary Effects of ailerons and elevator - 50 points
      • Secondary Effects of ailerons and elevator - 50 points
      • Lookout (straight glide / turning) - 50 points
      • Turning using all three controls together - 50 points
      • Trimming and speed control - 50 points
    • Launch Exercises
      • Pre-takeoff Checks - 50 points
      • Winch Launch - 100 points
      • Winch Failures (High / Med / Low / Power Fade) - 100 points
      • Winch Launch Signals - 50 points
      • Aerotow Launch - 100 points
      • Aerotow Signals - 50 points
    • Unusual flight conditions
      • Confidence stall - 50 points
      • Stall warnings and symptoms (straight glide, normal loading) - 100 points
      • Accelerated stalls (in turns, high-speed stalls) - 50 points
      • Spin recognition and recovery - 100 points
      • Spiral dive recognition and recovery - 50 points
      • Stall/spin avoidance during failed winch launch - 50 points
      • Basic aerobatics (loop, chandelle) - 50 points
      • Reduced & Negative 'G' - 50 points
    • Approach and Landing
      • Circuit Planning - 50 points
      • Air Brake / Elevator Co-ordination - 50 points
      • Approach Control - 50 points
      • Landing - 100 points
      • Side Slipping - 100 points
    • Soaring Exercises
      • Thermal Soaring - 50 points
      • Ridge Soaring - 50 points
      • Wave Soaring - 50 points
  • Solo
    • First Solo - 500 points
    • First Solo (New Launch Type) - 200 points
  • Post-Solo
    • Conversions
      • Aircraft Conversion (Minor) - 50 points
      • Aircraft Conversion (Major - eg first retractable wheel, first glass, first single seater) - 100 points
    • Bronze Badge
      • Bronze Flying Test - 150 points
      • Bronze Field Landings - 150 points
      • Bronze Ground Exam - 150 points
      • Bronze Log Book Requirement - 50 points
      • Bronze Badge Completion - 25 points
    • Cross Country Endorsement
      • Cross Country 1 hr Soaring Flight - 150 points
      • Cross Country 2 hr Soaring Flight - 175 points
      • Cross Country Field Selection/Landings - 150 points
      • Cross Country Navigation - 150 points
      • Cross Country Endorsement Completion - 25 points
      • First Cross Country Flight - 200 points
    • Silver Badge
      • Silver Height Gain (1,000m / 3,281ft) - 250 points
      • Silver Distance (50km, with '1% rule') - 250 points
      • Silver / Gold Duration (5 hrs) - 250 points
      • Silver Badge Completion - 25 points
    • Basic Instructor
      • BI Course - 500 points
      • 100km Diploma Part I - 250 points
      • 100km Diploma Part II - 275 points
    • Gold Badge
      • Gold Height Gain (3,000m / 9,843ft) - 350 points
      • Gold Distance (300km) - 350 points
      • Gold Badge Completion - 25 points
    • Diamond Badge
      • Diamond Height Gain (5,000m / 16,405ft) - 400 points
      • Diamond Goal (300km) - 400 points
      • Diamond Distance (500km) - 400 points
      • Diamond Badge Completion - 25 points
    • Aerobatics Badges
      • Standard Aerobatics Badge - 200 points
      • Sport Aerobatics Badge - 250 points
      • Intermediate Aerobatics Badge - 300 points
      • Unlimited Aerobatics Badge - 300 points

All flights uploaded are eligible for the soaring competition, including P2 under instruction. It enables pre-cross-country pilots to claim for flights other than ones where progression is made, and rewards good local soaring with fast climbs.

The rules for the soaring competition are as follows:

  1. One point is awarded for each minute of flight up to 70 mins.
  2. Four points will be deducted for each minute of flight over 70 minutes.
  3. The lowest score which can be recorded is 0 points.
  4. Two points are awarded for each 100 feet of height gained after the launch, provided the climb is maintained for 500 feet (A climb is defined as 'maintained' provided no logged height point is lower than the closest point which precedes the current one by 30 seconds). Climbs of less than 500 feet do not gain height points.
  5. An igc trace file must be submitted for a flight to be awarded points. It is the responsibility of each team to make sure a working barograph is carried in each scoring glider.
  6. Only the best scoring flight for each pilot will be counted on any given day.
  7. Instructors may fly in scoring gliders and may verbally assist the competitor. They may not take control of the glider at any time, except for safety reasons.
  8. Should both pilots in a two-seater be potential competitors, one must be named as competitor before launch. If the P2 is named as the competitor, the above rule still applies.
  9. Any launch method may be used. The launch height should be clearly marked by a dip in the barograph trace. If no dip is recorded to verify the launch height, the first climb will not be counted.
  10. Should only two or less flights longer than 15 minutes be recorded, then the day is scrubbed by default and no scores are awarded for that day.

Unlike regular competitions, tasks are self-set. This allows both those who might be looking to get their Silver distance as well as the seasoned XC pilot a platform for scoring.

Cross country tasks, as in previous years, will be scored using the BGA ladder system, with the following differences:

  1. All tasks set or suggested in briefing will be treated as declared for the purposes of scoring.
  2. If anyone scores more than 1,000 points for a given day, all scores on that day will be scaled such that the maximum scored by anyone is 1,000 points.

This scaling rule was implemented for the following reason: Previously, a day in which 5,000 points are scored by someone will completely overshadow a day in which the maximum score is only 500, and so the overall scores will only reflect who did well on the good days. By scaling the scores, they better reflect consistent flying across all the days.

Lastly, make sure you've got a crew arranged before you set off! Aerotow retrieves will be available. We will do our best to set up a mutual system of retrieves.

Cross country igc traces are uploaded to this site for scoring.